What kinda person doesn’t love pizza? A weirDOUGH :)

Since creating the Instagram account @jalvez.uk for this blog 2 weeks ago, I’ve become mildly obsessed with stalking some gorgeous food accounts and heart racing images of  topless prawns. It’s such a great platform for foodies, but magawsh, you guys should have warned me that it’s also a time machine. When you open it, BAYUM, you’re suddenly taken 3 hours into the future. Crazy, it happens every single time.

However, for me, the best thing about Instagram is being able to see how many people are so passionate about cooking. I read an article the other day that suggested that people are now cooking less (I would link it to this page but I’m experiencing brain fog and can’t find it). Yet, on Instagram there is always such a great cooking energy and it makes me very happy. Not a day goes by that my mouth doesn’t water over a delicious meal that someone has prepared.

I mean, people not cooking anymore?

Untitled design-26

Really? Fair enough.


Now that I’ve made my point, I want to share a little tip with you on pizza making. Well, if truth be told, it’s more like a big game changer in the form of a faultless pizza dough recipe. Although it isn’t a recipe that I created, it’s very special. The best Events Consultant/award winning sandwich maker, Lils, directed me to Chef Gennaro Contaldo’s videos, and he makes faultless, authentic Italian food!

Now, if you’re anything like me, then this recipe is about to become the base for so many different experiments in your life, some of which, you’ll see very soon on this site.  You can make your own dough balls, pizza rolls, pizza plaits and of course, man’s best friend – pizza. The only thing limiting you with this dough, is your imagination. Just last week, myself and my a couple of cute kids made 4 great pizzas that the rest of the family l o v e d. There are no rules to this, just boundless fun.

Happy pizza dough making guys!

Don’t forget, keep playing playas. That is code for, ‘please follow me on Instagram to initiate beg-friending’.


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