Time to get cracking (Duck eggs two ways)

I have a mild addiction that started during my time as a broke undergraduate.







This is my way of saying that I love eggs. I could eat them all day everyday, and in any form. When I went vegan a year ago, I needed a boiled egg so badly that I caved within the first two weeks. It’s one of my staples, and I run through eggs like the flash. HOWEVER, I do have preferences, so I decided to illustrate them in the form of a terrible chart (because it can all get real confusing, plus if you ever want to cook me eggs at least now you know how I like em). I even threw my beloved eggs benedict onto the chart because it’s one of my favourite meals. It deserves to be there, even though its really just a poached egg butidoncare.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 21.58.43

So in short, if anything has a visible yolk in it then it needs to be well cooked, but a fried egg is ultimately my weakness. Runny yolk puts my stomach and mind in a bad place #childhoodtrauma #iateaspoiltyolkandwasveryunwell.

I love eggs not just because they’re gloriously cheap, but also for how versatile they are. From a shakshouka to a deviled egg, possibilities are truly endless. Okay, so now you know that I love eggs…


My duck eggs are bad and bougee, so if you do like chicken eggs (and of course you do because you’re not crazy, right?) then you’ll luuuurrrv these. They’re pricier than your average egg but they have a heightened full bodied flavour that makes paying the extra pound so worth it. I can only describe the flavour as an eggX2 in one egg. Okay maybe that isn’t the best description, but it is A1, I promise.

This week I made a couple of WHAM breakfasts with them that I wanted to show and tell.

Untitled design-35

Exhibit A. was the most wonderful veggie breakfast with scrambled eggs – which I inhaled whole. By the way, major key = substituting baked beans for black beans #justseyin

Untitled design-36

Exhibit B. was a the most fluffy, moist, juicy nutmeg omelette with spinach, parmesan, chilli flakes, and pancetta.

So, give duck eggs a go, don’t duck em’. Why? Because you’re worth it :).

3 thoughts on “Time to get cracking (Duck eggs two ways)

  1. but if you like your poached egg well done that basically makes it a fluffy shaped boiled egg ??? 😂😭 I remember your yolk phobia from early! also that omelette looks incredible 😍


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