A not-so-cheeky Nando’s


Do you follow me on Instagram? Its (Snapchat clone) story feature is a great way for me use my tragic phone to regularly share more of my food obsessed life with you; I do live food demos, give previews of what the next #Flavourofthemonth will be, and show you how I spend time eating my weight in seafood, and delicious food from culturally inspired restaurants, as well as street food vendors. In short, I do my very best to give you unforgettable food envy.

If you do follow me, then you might be able to tell that I’ve been incredibly busy recently, and with all this busy bodying, I have had to temporarily hit the pause button on cooking complex meals that require me to be in the kitchen for about 10+ hours. While I absolutely love doing that because it puts my mind in a place of zen, ain’t nobody got time for that right now. My other first world issue is that with all the eating out I’ve been doing due to how busy I’ve been, I tend to have a lot of leftovers (symptom of chronic eyesbiggerthanbelly syndrome) that need jazzing up, before I can eat them for lunch the next day. This is where this week’s cheeky recipe comes in…


Untitled design-38.png


I like Nando’s mostly because it’s super convenient, cheap and fits the bill for most social occasions, alsooooo, woiiiiii…if you go travelling via Gatwick airport in the morning and are lucky enough to visit the Nando’s there, then try the absolute killer eggs benedict with peri peri chicken. It makes me smile. If you can remember my last post, then you’ll know that a juicy Eggs Benedict is one of my favourite meals ever, so Nando’s can do no wrong in my eyes.


I had Nando’s a few weeks ago and got a half a chicken combo meal. I always think that I can handle it, but then computer says no, so I end up taking it home and saving it for a less slumped time. However, when unwrapping the chicken the next day, I found that I had dry, bread like chicken in front of me that was in desperate need of a remix so that my jaw wouldn’t break off while chewing it. Lookadisssssss…


Untitled design-37


This is my not-so-cheeky Nando’s salad. I has taken away some garlic and herb sauce in one of those takeaway pots. When it was time to make the salad,  I grilled the chicken for about 5-7 minutes, then shredded it. Once shredded, I added the sauce to it and mixed it together. I also grilled some bacon rashers, cut it into small bits, before combining my favourite herb salad, the chicken, bacon, chives and some of the Nando’s sauce.

HOWEVER, you don’t have to make it like this. Make it your own depending on your tastes. Steal grab your favourite Nando’s sauce and combine it with your favourite, salad, add croutons if you roll that way, substitute the bacon with olives, or if you don’t even eat meat, do something crazy with your leftover veggie patty that makes you sing yaaaassss. It takes about 10 minutes to make, and it could take half the time if you decide to substitute grilling with microwaving.


Untitled design-39


The beauty of remixing Nando’s leftovers is that you can do whatever you want with it. Maybe you’re feeling like a stir fry, make some chicken fried rice, or something comforting, make a quiche.  The choice is yours ma fren’!

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