Oat-a Excuses (Overnight Breakfast Pot Recipes)

A creamy, warm, spiced (ofc) bowl of porridge has always been my go-to breakfast option during weekdays. Why? It requires 0% brain cell action, and takes 5 minutes to get from packet, to stomach (I exaggerate, I’m a really slow eater, so add 20 mins to ze average consumption time). Additional benefits include, but are not exclusive to: it’s hella tasty; I can load it up with just about any toppings (within reason, silly); it’s not too sweet, which is great for me and my super sensitive stomach; and it’s an absolute life saver when you sit directly underneath a hyperactive fan at work.

However, recently my job has required me to start my day in just about any part of London, with quite inconsistent meeting times. I’m not complaining, because I absolutely LOVE it, but it just means that making porridge isn’t always a possibility. So yes, while I am a porridge fiend through and through, it’s dropped slightly on the convenience scale, meaning that I can’t be wedded to it no mo’.


As a result, what started to hApppppeeeeennnnnnnnnn wasSSssSSssssS thisssssss thIIIngggg whhhhhhEEEEErrrrreeee… whenever I was working out of the office, I’d just have to grab breakfast pots from Pret, EAT, LEON, or some really beautifully branded plant based cafe that’s sustainably sourced, and gives you really nice glass wear, for a very small fee… of your mortgage. WHY? Because, I had no time. Lies, lies, lies, lies, and just sheer armpit, trash water talk. The truth? This excuse gave me surplus opportunities to feed my eating out addiction, foraboutfourtimesthepriceitcoststomakethething.

Yet, this was very short lived, because… because… because…

I’m not made of money (Monzo do a great service of notifying you, and the world, that you’re making a terrible decision with a special, ‘think about this one’ siren).

Therefore, after reflecting on the state of my brokeness and swiftly humbling myself, I came up with A DELICIOUSLY CHEAP AND TASTY SOLUTION of making everything that I had been buying, but the night before.


I thought I’d share my lesson with you, just in case you’re also unnecessarily spending your house deposit on food that you can make yourself. In. Minutes.

I’ve just thrown in two recipes here to start you off, but you can also do a mash up, and make an overnight oat AND chia pot (I’m mind blown too). If you’re doing that, just make sure that you use your standard oats portion (more info below), and only a teaspoon of chia. Don’t underestimate chia’s ability to expand. I have. Many times. Ouf, was that a clean up.

Overnight Chia Pot Recipe (1 portion)

TIP: The ideal ratio of chia to milk, is 1:6, so, whether you want to make enough for one day, or one week, please stick to those proportions, or you’ll end up with chia-based cement, or lumpy water (I Googled chia water, and found out about a chia water diet that only confirms that the world is mad).


2 tbsp. Chia seeds
12 tbsp. Oat Milk (can be interchanged with a dairy option, or another alternative, if you prefer)
Nuts, or fruit of your choice
Ground cinnamon (optional)


  1. Put your chia seeds into a jar, then add milk. Stir, then leave to sit for 10 minutes, before stirring again. This is to make sure that the seeds don’t clump together when they expand. Close the jar, and pop it in the fridge overnight.
  2. In the morning, you’ll find that your chia mix is now a gel consistency, and that’s perfect! Add about 1 tbsp. of milk to it, and stir with a fork to separate the seeds. You’ll notice that the chia will keep absorbing the milk that you add to it, so add as much as you like to get it to a consistency that you’re happy with.
  3. Add your desired toppings!



Soaked Oats Recipe (1 portion)

TIP: It’s difficult to know how many oats equate to one portion when you’re not using one of those ready made sachets, but don’t worry, all you have to do is trust in your body. One handful of oats is all you need per portion!

Also, if you’re using dried fruit, soak them in with your oats overnight – game changer.


1 handful of oats
1 cup of Oat Milk
Nuts, or fresh/dried fruit of your choice
Ground cinnamon (optional)
Honey (optional)


  1. Put your oats, cinnamon, and dried fruit (if you want) into a jar, then add the milk, before stirring. Pop it in the fridge.
  2. In the morning, stir it, and add more milk if it’s too thick for you, as well as honey. Then, add your desired toppings, and… Ta-da!



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